The Legend of Icarus O'Toole

          The Incredible Naked Flying Man of Achill


Written and illustrated by John A. Blakey

The Legend of Icarus O'Toole is a satirical love story about an innocent child of nature, who falls victim to his own eccentric, even slapstick ways. Born on the beautiful and wild Achill Island off the west coast of Ireland, free as a bird, with a predilection for chasing about naked on the high cliffs of Croaghaun, his carefree life slowly gathers momentum, then races around like an out of control roller-coaster. After tragic circumstances that have him locked up for ten years in a mental institution, he is released to begin his new career as a performance artist. His new life in - as he describes it -'Feculent Art' takes ridiculous twists and turns, and has him on the run for crimes of obscenity and indecent behaviour. Appalled by his growing fan base, the snobs and guardians of polite society and the arts are determined to bring the incredible flying man of Achill down to earth.