About the artist                      

Born in Yorkshire into a family that originated from Ireland,
John A. Blakey's early career was in education. He lectured in English
and communications at Harrogate College of Arts and Technology,
but always with an ambition to eventually become a full-time artist.
In 1990, that dream was realised, and his studio in the beautiful
Yorkshire Dales was opened by fellow Yorkshireman Sir Michael
Parkinson, who had invited him to stay at his home when he painted
his portrait. John has painted many famous subjects, including film
stars, army generals, politicians, royals and captains of industry from many countries.
His work has taken him all over the world, from Siberia where he
designed costumes for performers from the State Opera, to Mombasa
and Costa Rica for private commissions, and his interest in writing
grew from wishing to record and share his many adventures and
experiences throughout his artistic career.
John now lives in Co. Cavan in Ireland as a working artist, writer and musician.

Unveiling 'Jimmy Duffy' Smith's Pub,
Cootehill 2011
Booksigning Dingle, 2011

Actor Brian Cox's amazement at what he
thought was my portrait of him.
His relief as he sends a copy to his
 wife in New York. Edinburgh 2014